Estate settlement services providing you, your family and professionals peace of mind.

As probate estate professionals, we offer a variety of important and time saving services to individual decision makers such as Personal Representatives and other family fiduciaries. We also offer the professional community assistance and support with their clients.



Liquidation of real estate and other assets

We work arm and arm with Personal Representatives, Trustees, Executors and Attorneys to ensure that your loved ones' real property and other assets are liquidated in a timely and efficient manner, maximizing the amount of money the estate receives.

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Full-scale fiduciary services for our clients

We are dedicated to highest level of ethical and comprehensive fiduciary services for the aging population and their heirs. We serve as a bridge between you, your family, health care providers and attorneys while protecting your physical and financial interests.

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Property management for the estate property

Many estate houses and rental properties suffer from deferred maintenance. Should the estate attempt required repairs and necessary upgrades if they wish to sell the property? Inexperience frequently leads to delays, expensive results and poor workmanship.

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You can define success in myriad ways, but for us, it's the feeling of the deep satisfaction received at the conclusion of successfully partnering with people.

We see them experience relief knowing someone "knows the ropes" regarding the execution of a loved one's will and the orderly and legal transfer of assets through probate. We take joy seeing the peace and comfort our clients experience through the services we provide.
Our focus is on serving, comforting and professionally partnering with individuals who are either dealing with end of life challenges of a loved one, or those who have suffered the shock and pain through separation and loss. 
The unfortunate reality is  someone we love will either need end of life care and supervision or a surviving family member will have to coordinate the execution and distribution of a loved one's property and assets. We strive to provide services with a depth of sensitively, compassion and professionalism during the transitions of life and property.

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In simple terms, probate is the court-supervised process of winding down the earthly affairs of your loved one, paying creditors and distributing the remaining proceeds to the heirs. But probate can be anything but simple. Personal Representatives are faced with 1,001 decisions and many more questions.
Craig and Delcia have answers. For expert guidance in navigating the complex probate process, call 239-233-6560 or fill out the form below.